Dr. Oral Buyukozturk

Dr. Oral Buyukozturk is George Macomber Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Director
of the Laboratory for Infrastructure Science and Sustainability at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(MIT). He received his Ph.D. degree in Structural Engineering from Cornell University in 1970. He joined the
MIT faculty in 1976 following six years of industrial experience, two years at United Engineers and
Constructors in safety analysis and design of nuclear containment structures, and four years with Marc
Analysis and Research Corporation, a Brown University affiliate, in computational engineering analysis and
development. Professor Buyukozturk’s research interest is in infrastructure mechanics, materials, and
sustainability integrating areas of multiscale concrete mechanics for durable and sustainable structures,
and innovative sensing and data analytics towards the development of intelligent structures and resilient
cities. His work in these areas have led to ground breaking developments and innovations in multiscale
modeling of cementitious materials with additives; use of locally available waste materials (e.g., irradiated
post-consumed plastic, volcanic ash) for durable and sustainable concrete materials and construction;
novel computer vision techniques for structural sensing with motion magnification; system identification,
damage detection and structural health monitoring; and novel seismic design approaches.
His earlier work at MIT includes fundamental research and development in thermomechanical analysis
of coal gasification vessels, as well as his pioneering contribution in the evolution of segmental prestressed
concrete bridge design and construction technology. He has conducted seminal research in interface
fracture mechanics, innovative experimentation for interface assessment in multi-material systems, and
fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composites for structural rehabilitation. His early work also includes
pioneering developments in concrete constitutive relations, and finite element analysis of complex
structures with nonlinearities and progressive cracking. Computational concrete material models he
developed are still in use today by major commercial general-purpose finite element programs.
Professor Buyukozturk’s research represents an integrated effort towards infrastructure sustainability and
resiliency through a bottom-up approach contributing to establishment of a new paradigm in
infrastructure engineering. He has published more than 360 technical papers in refereed journals, edited
books and conference proceedings, made more than 210 invited and keynote presentations around the
world, and served in different capacities in over 30 technical committees of professional societies and
establishments. His contributions to ASCE and civil engineering include his long time leadership in
research and education as an active member of numerous ASCE/EM committees in different capacities
doing pioneering work, contributing to ASCE committee reports and books, and publishing cutting edge
journal articles.
His work has been recognized through multiple prestigious honors and awards including the George W.
Housner Structural Control and Monitoring Medal from ASCE, the Distinguished Service and Leadership
Award from the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at MIT, the Golden Mirko Roš Medal of
the Swiss Federal Research Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology; Fellow (non-resident) of the
Royal Society of Edinburgh, Scotland’s National Academy of Science and Letters; ASNT National Faculty
Fellowship Awards (2008 & 2011); Fellow of ASCE, Fellow of American Concrete Institute (ACI), and various
Best Paper Awards and recognitions with his students.


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